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This is biocontrol made better—a solution for heathier yields, healthier foods, even a healthier planet.”

Bryan Witherbee, President and CEO

Biocontrol for a brighter future.

At Agragene, our mission is to create pest control solutions that protect not only crops, but also the people who grow and eat them, and the planet we all share.

An Evolution in Pest Control

Our unique Precision-Guided Sterile Insect Technology™ (pgSIT)™ is a Revolutionary CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing-powered platform that eliminates pest procreation without the use of chemicals or radiation . It offers growers an effective way to safely suppress invasive pests, without the worries associated with traditional insecticides or accessibility to traditional sterile insect technology (SIT). 


In addition to reducing the use of environmentally unfriendly chemicals, our process eliminates the potential for insect resistance that can occur with insecticides, to help enhance the efficacy of integrated pest management.

Protection Beyond Crops

More than effective, cost-efficient crop pest control, Agragene's pgSIT helps encourage a more natural ecological balance and provide safe harbor for beneficial insects such as bees and ladybugs. It also helps create a healthier environment for people who work in the fields, and healthier nutrition for us all. 


Our safe, sustainable pest control technology platform has the potential for application across insect species, to support the creation of future solutions for crop protection, and even eradication of mosquito-borne diseases. 

Our Team


Bryan Witherbee


BoB schmidt Photo_edited.jpg

Robert Schmidt

Board Member


Stephanie Gamez

R&D Director


Matt Helms

Board Member


Carl Casale


Lee Vetsch Headshot_edited.jpg

Lee Vetsich

Board Member

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