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The future of biocontrol is here.

Agragene holds the exclusive license for Precision-Guided Sterile  Insect Technology™ (pgSIT)™ for worldwide use on all crops and all crop pest insect species.


Gene Editing Technology

Our innovative biocontrol platform prevents pest procreation and preserves crop production.

Agragene's pgSIT is safe, cost-effective biocontrol that produces healthy, sterile male insects capable of successfully mating in the wild. Raised in an eco-friendly “bug farm,” these sterile male insects are shipped to growers to control wild crop pest populations. 


When our sterile males are released into fields and mate with female crop pests, the resulting eggs are unfertilized and no viable progeny are produced. This gives growers safe, cost-effective control of the local pest population throughout the growing season, without eradicating the crop pest species. 


Unlike traditional sterile insect technology (SIT) methods that use radiation to sterilize male insects, our pgSIT process affects only the male reproductive system, with no potential for damage beyond. Our resulting male insects are stronger and more acceptable to wild female insects, making them better able to compete and mate in the wild.


Agragene is currently developing trademarked products.


Our integrated pest management system for biocontrol of Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) is presently in field trials in Oregon. 

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